dean’s list t-shirts.

Tshirt design:

Everything in the design is FINAL except the names which have yet to be completely assembled and placed. Finalists! Let me know if this is an OK design for this years shirt! There isn’t much time for us to tamper with designs, so the basic run down is that if you don’t like it, don’t buy it! We WILL be putting names on the back, so message me if you want your name to appear differently than what’s on Middle names will be printed with the first initial only.

Championships are just a short ways away, and I need to do this ASAP and start receiving payments. I’m willing to pay expedite shipping costs so long as you guys work with me on this (cuz I KNOW you want shirts). Quick shipping is anywhere between 7 days to 2-4 days at the quickest. The sooner I can get this all settled, the better so we’re all happy.

I’m going to FLAT RATE the tshirt prices at $15 regardless of the tshirt price once finalized and quoted. This will help cover expedites if I don’t have enough, and provide for a few extra shirts that I will sell for students that did not order ahead of time. ANY SURPLUS PAYMENTS will then be donated to the next DL class’  t-shirts.

How to order your Dean’s List 2012 tshirt:

  1. Order your size by inputting info here: (THIS DOES NOT TAKE PAYMENTS; ONLY SIZE SIGN UPS)
  2. Make the payment on Paypal by going to the Members Only section of the website. The “Donate” button will appear under the T-Shirts sections. Click on it.  Follow the process by logging or entering credit card/bank account info for payment. And yes, record the size again you want. This will help me to ensure size quantities that are ordered and paid for.
  3. Collect shirt! by attending the Dean’s List & All Rookie Meet & Greet FRIDAY, April 27th at 6pm at the Chairman’s Hall of Fame, or if you cannot attend the meet and greet, come to FRC1511’s pit. (See details below if you are not attending Championships)


I know it’s a sudden date. I will call and see how fast I can get the shirts shipped and optimize your payment and order dates, but for now, Tuesday.

Finally, I’m really sorry to only be picking this up now. Everything will still work out though, as long as you guys respond quickly! 🙂


Me, your t-shirt hostess:

**Creepy girl on internet wants my money, and claims to be ordering a shirt for me!!**

Hi. My name is Crystal, I’m a 5 year participant of FIRST now, and am apart of FRC1511 based in New York. I was a 2011 Dean’s List Finalist at the Boston Regional where I was fortunate enough to be awarded with Dean and Woodie there. I have zero intentions of stealing your money, and will not be using them for personal purposes. I am only here to provide and service all FIRST affiliates, and in this case, order tshirts for our 2012 class of Finalists.

From Dean’s List Finalists:

What if I want one, and am unable to attend STL?

Put in a payment for the tshirt, and when selecting a size on the sign up sheet, make a comment that you will not be attending. I will then reserve the shirt, and we will discuss shipping arrangements for getting it to you!

I’m a 2010/2011 finalist that wants a t-shirt!

These are year specific, so if you want a one for your class, we will have to arrange for seperate orders at another time.

Payment Logistics

**Method of Payment**

We will be taking payments through PayPal only at the flat rate of $15.

**Who holds the Paypal account??**

I will be managing all payments that come through Paypal for the 2012 tshirt orders. A Dean’s List Paypal account has been set up with a Dean’s list Gmail that will be used SOLELY for the purpose of buying tshirts each year; therefore, the payments are not directly linked to my own personal Paypal, and never will be. I am only the account holder and moderator that is going to make the t-shirt situation happen.

Any other questions regarding the tshirt orders, message me (Crystal) on Facebook, or PM me (Waffles) on ChiefDelphi!


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