pit crew on wheels.

Just another thought about those of you looking for things to do at Championships…(and hopefully maybe I can be there to lead an initiative of it):

I’ve always been obsessed with listening to Pit Admin out of habit with tools, and materials in hand, ready to rush to Team #’s pit, and help out. Going to other team’s pits to help them out with their robot / provide them with whatever they need is one of my favorite things to do at competition, ad makes for a really great pass-time.

Maybe we can assemble a few teams, put a couple carts together with tools, and materials and help other teams in need! 🙂 we’ll be like… the back up pit crew!! This would be REALLY cool to do!

It’ll take some legwork though to get materials / tools together though… so if anyone wants to help me brainstorm up ways we can do this, that’d be super awesome.



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