class of ’11.

Nicholas Bandiera, Team 1334, OTHS Red Devils, Oakland, Ontario, Canada
Luther Banner, Team 1985, Robohawks, Florrisant, Mo.
Tina Dutra, Team 228, Team “Gus”, Meriden, Conn.
Santiago Garza, Team 2543, TitanBOT, Chula Vista, Calif.
Lydia Johnston, Team 1983, Skunkworks Robotics, Des Moines, Wash.
JB Ring, Team 2534, The Lakers, Baltimore, Md.
Michael Schrager, Team 135, The Black Knights, Mishawaka, Ind.
Michael Violet, Team 78, AIR Strike, Newport County, R.I.
Cody Wall, Team 987, HIGHROLLERS, Las Vegas, N.V.
Christina Wettersten, Team 1868, Space Cookies, Moffett Field, Calif


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