Shai Ludvinovsky

Member of the Class of 2013

Team: 1943 – Neat Team (Mivtach Shamir/Lahav IAI & Begin High School)

Regional: Israel Regional

Shai Ludvinovsky, 17 years old, is very good friends with many of us. She is caring,
loving, loyal, mature and empathetic. She is phenomenally diligent, devoted, hard-
working, total, not to mention very bright – she is deeply interested with a variety of
scientific disciplines, such as mathematics, physics and computer science; there is
spark in her eyes whenever mathematics come up, and her will to help us with our
homework is exceptional.

It is known to all of us, the NeatTeammers, that whatever problem we have, we can
ask Shai for help; we all know that whatever it takes, she will be there to assist us,
and it is perfectly clear that she does it from plain, pure concern. On the collective
level, she motivated us to work countless time when we had felt our project was going
nowhere. On the intimate, individual level, she has helped many of us through varied
emotional crises.

When Shai joined us, she was in the tenth grade and part of the Bar-Ilan program
for students talented in Mathematics. During her participation, she was over-loaded
with tasks and homework, as the program’s participants are to finish the Mathematics
matriculation three years earlier than the rest of the students. Nevertheless, Shai was
still very devoted to the team and to its needs, and at the same time, managed to
finish the program with the final grade of 99. In addition, this year, she took Linear
Algebra, Discreet Mathematics and Calculus courses in Bar-Ilan University. That is
why all of us admire and appreciate her very much.

Shai is the head of the sketching team; that means she is responsible for the sketching
of the robot. The sketching team has to finish sketching the robot in a very short time,
so the building team can start working. Predictably, Shai was very total and devoted
to her work. The sketching job was done perfectly well and on due time, despite
many crises. Even though the pressure she has gone through was almost unbearable,
she managed through it, while still excelling at Physics and Computer Science, and
participating in the regional Mathematics and Physics Olympics. In addition, at the
same time, she learned how to program in C++ along with the tenth graders of the
programming team. By that she expanded her programming languages’ resume.

This season and throughout the past year, Shai took part in our outreach programs,
such as Women’s Forum (where she taught old women how to use their personal
computers). Furthermore, she is the director of the Project Schneider, where Neat
Team helps cancer sufferers of Schneider hospital by teaching them how to program
websites and computer applications. When our captain came up with the idea above-
mentioned, her will to lead the project was astonishing. To her, this project is the
legacy of Amit Sharaby, her acquaintance who passed away from leukemia. In
general, she has always been very passionate with the ideals of FIRST because she
just loves science and technology. She is our volunteering role-model.

That is why we believe Shai is the perfect realization of Dean’s dream. She is Neat
Team’s STEM hero. We know that not only she will be an engineer, but also that
she will spread science and technology to all tiers of population with tremendous
willpower and passion. In conclusion, Neat Team believes in Shai very deeply.


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