Krysta Peralto

Krysta PeraltoMember of the Class of 2013

Team: 3161 – Tronic Titans (Ford Canada / Metrican / Holy Trinity School Council / Entertainment Liquidators of Canada & Halton Catholic Distric School Board & Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School)

Regional: Waterloo Regional

Nomination Essay:

There are very few people in the world who selflessly devote themselves to a cause. Who spend all their time and energy in order to make something or someone else great, and do everything in their power to make their visions come true. One of these people is Krysta Peralto; a current grade 11 student at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School, and co-captain of Team 3161-Tronic Titans.

Krysta wanted to join Team 3161 since the recruitment presentation at her elementary school. When she arrived at Holy Trinity, the very first thing she did was join our team. Since then, she has become the face of the team, devoting herself wholeheartedly.  In her first year as a member Krysta became involved in every aspect of the team that she could. She came up with the idea of our sponsorship package, which is a vast improvement over the lonely sponsorship letter we had previously used. She has continually worked hard to complete this package, improving it every year. Her work has resulted in an easy to distribute product that gives the team a professional look to present to sponsors. In her second year Krysta became our Junior Co-Captain and a Chairman’s Presenter. At the 2012 Greater Toronto West Regional, she completed a radio interview with John Tory for FIRST Canada and provided tours to some of FIRST Canada’s VIP guests. Krysta also assisted in planning and running various events for Team 3161 and even MC’d our FIRST Social. This is Krysta’s third year on Team 3161 and she is once again a team co-captain. She heads our awards team, our presentations, and our FLL mentors. She continually encourages new students to become more involved in all aspects of the team and makes them feel at home from the moment they walk in the door. She also has significantly helped our rookie team, Team 4519, King’s Mechavaliers, mentoring them in areas of team organization, award submission, community outreach, and so much more. Krysta is a communication channel for Team 3161, connecting the team to sponsors, partners and other FIRST teams.

Krysta’s love for FIRST does not extend to just FRC, but to FLL as well. During the 2011 season she was exposed to FLL, and for the following two years, Krysta has been an actively involved mentor for Holy Family’s Legomaniacs, who qualified for provincials in her first year working with them. She has been nominated 3 times for the Young Mentor of the Year award.  Krysta has inspired all of her graduating FLL students to join FRC from as early as the eighth grade. Her FLL involvement doesn’t extend to just mentoring teams, but also includes active participation in Team 3161’s annual Halton Regional FLL Tournament. During the 2012 season, she was a referee and spent the day on her feet watching FLL competition matches. During last year’s tournament, she worked behind the scenes as a volunteer coordinator. With our tournament planning committee, she helped to create and run the callback activity. The purpose of this was to give teams who may not have received a callback to the judges, a fun way to apply for an award. This was the first time we had done anything like this and with Krysta’s help it was a great success. On the day of the tournament, she spent her time ensuring the day ran smoothly by coordinating all of our volunteers from both Team 3161 and Team 4519.

In three years time, Krysta’s love for science and technology has evolved into a passion for FIRST. She embodies Team 3161’s perseverance and dedication to the program, and continues to help make the team more innovative each year. Her enthusiasm for FIRST and all of its programs, from Jr.FLL to FRC, goes unmatched. Krysta Peralto demonstrates the true meaning of innovative leadership, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps and leading the way forward in appreciation of science and technology.


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