Carlie Schulter

Member of the Class of 2012

Team: 1311 – Kell Robotics (NASA/GE Volunteers/Shaheen & Company/Women In Technology/SeaWorld Busch Gardens/AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)/Cobb EMC/ASME/Arylessence/Johnnys Pizza/Georgia Tech Research Institute/HI Solutions & The Carlton J. Kell High School)

Regional: Peachtree Regional

Nomination Essay:

I am honored to nominate Carlie Schulter for the FIRST Dean’s List. She is the Executive Director and unquestioned leader of our team and a role model every student should seek to emulate.

Carlie has redefined what it means to be our team’s Executive Director. She has literally taken over many of the responsibilities and decisions usually required of team mentors. She has made the position the equivalent of a major corporate Chief Executive Officer, developing strategy and managing and directing the full range of year round team activities. She provides the overall team direction, gathers input from other team members and mentors, and plans and directs the activities needed to accomplish the FIRST and team mission. She has been personally involved in and contributed to every aspect of our team’s success, providing leadership training within and outside the team, recruiting, and identifying new opportunities to spread the FIRST message.

Carlie has been an instrumental participant or leader in the majority of 100+ events, briefings, presentations, and public exhibitions. These events ranged from delivering local scout and school presentations to briefing school administrators, business executive, Senators and Congressmen.

This chain of exhibitions and events recently culminated in exhibiting the team’s work to President Barack Obama at the White House on February 7, 2012.

In her 4 years on the team, Carlie has developed, along with her technical skills and passion for engineering, an unparalleled understanding of and commitment to the FIRST mission and FIRST core values. She has acquired a deep strategic understanding of the relationships between these values, how every activity fits into the mission, and how each connects to team and FIRST success. Moreover, she is able to clearly communicate these values to business, community, and political leaders in order to obtain support for FIRST programs. Our team has experienced phenomenal success this year in increasing both the number of our partnerships and level of their financial support. Carlie has been directly responsible for much of that success through her unique ability to communicate to our partners not only the value of STEM and FIRST in general terms, but how their organization can specifically benefit from supporting our team and FIRST programs.

Carlie has led our “Applied Robotics for Marine Sustainability” program for the last 2 years. This is a major team program we use to demonstrate FIRST value to the public by using STEM to solve real life environmental problems. She led the effort to invent and build a prototype of a remotely operated vehicle to skim oil from shallow water areas. Because of her effort, she was invited to the White House to showcase this project. Her leadership as author of our team’s “Beyond FIRST: After the Competition” in the spring of 2011 aligns perfectly with the vision of the new “FIRST Future Innovator Award”.

Carlie’s leadership reputation has spread well beyond our team. Members and in some cases mentors of other teams actively seek Carlie out for advice. Recently, 3 students from other teams asked Carlie; “Are you the genius from Kell everyone is talking about?” After dealing with her initial embarrassment, Carlie spent the next 30 minutes answering their questions regarding FIRST, building a team, and developing partnerships. From the looks on their faces, I believe they felt they had an answer to their first question as well!

Carlie has an unmatched passion for and long term commitment to FIRST and its ideals. She has significantly contributed not only to the success of our team, but to the success of FIRST throughout Georgia. There could be no better ambassador for FIRST or anyone more deserving of being on the FIRST Deans List.


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