Paul Sites

PaulSitesMember of the Inaugural Class of 2010

Team: 1730 – Team Driven (R&D Leverage/Cerner/Honeywell/Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation/5 Star Embroidery/Black & Veatch/Kastle Grinding/Hallmark Cards/Sprint/Dave & Linda Pickett/KC STEM Alliance & Lee’s Summit High School)

Regional: Greater Kansas City Regional

Nomination Essay:

Team Driven #1730 would like to nominate Paul Sites for the FIRST Dean’s List Award. Paul is a four year member of Team Driven. Through his four year participation with Team Driven, Paul has made a lasting impact on every facet of the team.

Leadership and commitment to the ideals of FIRST

Paul is an invaluable member of the presentation team. He has been a key part of over 12 presentations per year. Team Driven puts on five one-week summer camps for elementary students. Paul helped design the game, helped create an animation to explain the game, helped build the field, and mentored students through every minute of all 15 camps during his tenure.

Team Driven puts on a six-week junior robotics league for students in grades k-8. The program mirrors the FIRST program with a game challenge, an animation explaining the game, and a six week build season followed by a competition. As a team leader for this project, Paul creates the animation, leads the construction of the field, and this year, designed an innovative Wii-mote scoring system for the game. He was also the technical lead at the competition. Team Driven built 17 practice fields for FLL teams. Paul lead the team in the hours needed to build the fields and helped deliver all 17.

Interest in and passion for a long term commitment to FIRST

Paul is a committed representative of what FIRST can do to change the lives of students. He has lived it. As told through the Chairman’s video, FIRST has had an effect on the courses he has taken at school, the college he is planning on attending, and the major he plans to pursue. Paul is excited to become another example of Team Driven alumni that come back and help the team.

Overall individual contribution to their team

Paul was chosen by his peers for the teams MVP award his junior year. He received this award in the midst of the strongest senior class the team has ever produced.

Technical expertise and passion

Paul has been a leader on each of the following teams: animation, CAD, build team, Web team, Chairman’s team, presentation team, PR team, and programming team. Paul has been the lone IT person for the team the last two years.

Entrepreneurship and creativity

Team Driven’s pit had many visitors at the championships because of our video banner last year. Paul created this banner and the screen to show it on. He also created an interactive kiosk that used animation to show off the capabilities of our robot. Team Driven earns over a third of its operating budget through student income producing activities. Paul helped create a lawn aeration business that has brought in over $10,000 and his help with the camps has brought in over $19,000.

Ability to motivate and lead fellow team members

Paul started taking the lead on projects after his first year. Since then, Paul has assumed a leadership role on nearly every project he has been associated with. His leadership style is by example. He is tireless when it comes to finishing a project and his energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

Team Driven uses an automated calling system to get the word out to team members about upcoming events. Paul is the manager of this system and it is his voice heard on all messages. Paul is one of four members of the Team Driven management team. This team makes all of the important decisions for Team Driven.

Effectiveness at increasing awareness of FIRST in their school and community

Every year the high school conducts a 9th grade orientation for freshman. Paul has been a part of the presentation team to these incoming freshmen as well as to parents on parents night. Paul stayed up very late getting the robot ready so it could be driven in the school’s winter pep assembly. Paul drove the robot in that assembly which did wonders for recruiting new team members for next year.

If Team Driven were a company, Paul would be its CEO. Paul is an amazing asset to any organization that he becomes involved with. He has made a mark on Team Driven that will last forever.


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