28 Shirts are Ordered!

T-shirt ordering has now closed, and we thank the following students for their purchases:

  • Marina Dimitrov
  • Jessie Poen
  • Annalise Wenig
  • Rachel Holladay
  • Elizabeth Skeele
  • Elizabeth Waters
  • Mary Catherine Bitter
  • Steven Donow
  • Allison Rich
  • Jaden Barney
  • Oliver Graff
  • Taylor Nicholson
  • Corin Rypkema
  • Alexander Ouellet
  • Matthew Blake
  • Alexandra Sorge
  • Jacob Conway
  • Jacob Conway
  • David Gomez
  • Adi Ben-Yehoshua
  • Ian Pudney
  • Garret Witowski
  • Andrew Palardy
  • Justin Byers
  • Chase Douglass
  • Mary Steiner
  • Dom Bozzuto
  • Jonathan Adamson

Shirts will be available for pick up at the All Rookie Meet & Greet / Dean’s List Meet up on Friday, April 27th at 6pm at the Chairman’s Hall of Fame!

Happy shirt finding!



Welcome to “it’s the dean’s list.”, the site for the FRC Dean’s List. It started as a thread on the popular forum site Chief Delphi, and now it’s a website for all to see. As a Dean’s List member myself,  it’s amazing to see the 19 other members from the 2 classes of winners previous (Classes of ’10 & ’11), and see the individual impacts that each of them have made to their own communities and FIRST.

But, it’s not just the 20 that make up the Dean’s List as a group.

There have been 194 deserving students over the past two years that have been designated Dean’s List Finalist members for their participation & service within FRC, FIRST as a whole, and their own teams/schools/communities/states/nations. And each one of them have made and are hopefully continuing making a large impact on our culture and generation. So, let’s see what happens this year!

If you can, just PM me or post on the Chief Delphi thread of the Dean’s List students from your individual regionals, and we’ll keep a running tally on the thread of the students.  Or if you’re an avid fan of Twitter like me, tweet when it happens! You can tweet me directly (@iamlegend360); or tweet the result using the hashtag #itsthedeanslist.

Congrats to the incoming class of 2012, and GO FIRST!

-Kyle J., Member of Peachtree & Championship Classes of 2010