28 Shirts are Ordered!

T-shirt ordering has now closed, and we thank the following students for their purchases:

  • Marina Dimitrov
  • Jessie Poen
  • Annalise Wenig
  • Rachel Holladay
  • Elizabeth Skeele
  • Elizabeth Waters
  • Mary Catherine Bitter
  • Steven Donow
  • Allison Rich
  • Jaden Barney
  • Oliver Graff
  • Taylor Nicholson
  • Corin Rypkema
  • Alexander Ouellet
  • Matthew Blake
  • Alexandra Sorge
  • Jacob Conway
  • Jacob Conway
  • David Gomez
  • Adi Ben-Yehoshua
  • Ian Pudney
  • Garret Witowski
  • Andrew Palardy
  • Justin Byers
  • Chase Douglass
  • Mary Steiner
  • Dom Bozzuto
  • Jonathan Adamson

Shirts will be available for pick up at the All Rookie Meet & Greet / Dean’s List Meet up on Friday, April 27th at 6pm at the Chairman’s Hall of Fame!

Happy shirt finding!


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