Our 2012 Top NINE Dean’s List Super Stars (pending ten) We need your help!

Greetings! Here are nine out of the ten top INTERNATIONAL 2012 Dean’s List Award winners, chosen by our number one panel of FIRST moms!

FRC704 Matthew R. from Dallas

FRC842 John R. from Arizona

FRC1058 Tj (Tristan) E. from BAE

FRC1540 Marina D. from Autodesk Oregon

FRC1912 Rachel H. from Bayou

FRC2996 Jasmine K. from Colorado

FRC3059 Ikechukwu C. from New York City

FRC3138 Danielle G. from Queen City

FRC3196 David G. from North Carolina

We are still missing ONE finalist, so if you know who he is, please let us know via facebook, or chiefdelphi.

Congratulations to all, and here’s the list of some of the (not all!!) free swag for all 114 finalists:

  • FIRST Alarm clock
  • $100 JCpenny gift card
  • Beats by Dr. Dre
  • Signature year FIRST Teddy Bear
  • CREE flashlight
  • & more!!

Top Ten’s Additional Prizes:

  • Lenovo Think pad
  • Round-trip airfare to anywhere in the US (can’t recall which airliner)
  • All expense paid trip to visit Dean’s Home (and dine there), DEKA, and FIRST HQ
  • Kindle Fire
  • Additional $150 Mastercard Giftcard
  • Jack Kamen & Archimedes Glass 3-D print trophy
  • A book (title TBA since I also can’t recall that)
  • & more!!

So in closing, I’d like to personally quote Dean Kamen, in hopes that all of this year’s 2012 Super Stars continue to surpass the expectations of FIRST, and be reminded by saying:

This trophy will make them feel guilty that they’re not doing enough for FIRST when they look at it“.

Keep in touch, finalists!

2010 Boston Regional Finalist,

Crystal Vongnaphone.


Tshirts have arrived!

Hey there, finalists!

I’ve gotten your 2012 Dean’s List Finalist tshirts, and they’re ready for me to hand deliver / distribute!

So if you missed the Meet & Greet Friday evening, no worries, you’ll still get your tshirt!

A note to those who arrived at the Championship / saw the orders late: I will be doing a SECOND order! $15 will remain as the flat rate, so long as I get a good number of orders. If that is the case, shipping will be covered! So contact me (kawaiineko411 [at] gmail [dot] com), and we’ll make arrangements!

We still need to organize for a photo-op for all of you!



28 Shirts are Ordered!

T-shirt ordering has now closed, and we thank the following students for their purchases:

  • Marina Dimitrov
  • Jessie Poen
  • Annalise Wenig
  • Rachel Holladay
  • Elizabeth Skeele
  • Elizabeth Waters
  • Mary Catherine Bitter
  • Steven Donow
  • Allison Rich
  • Jaden Barney
  • Oliver Graff
  • Taylor Nicholson
  • Corin Rypkema
  • Alexander Ouellet
  • Matthew Blake
  • Alexandra Sorge
  • Jacob Conway
  • Jacob Conway
  • David Gomez
  • Adi Ben-Yehoshua
  • Ian Pudney
  • Garret Witowski
  • Andrew Palardy
  • Justin Byers
  • Chase Douglass
  • Mary Steiner
  • Dom Bozzuto
  • Jonathan Adamson

Shirts will be available for pick up at the All Rookie Meet & Greet / Dean’s List Meet up on Friday, April 27th at 6pm at the Chairman’s Hall of Fame!

Happy shirt finding!

Shirt Order Period Ending Soon!

Hey guys! If you want to order a tshirt, the donation link is password protected. Join the Facebook group here.

I’ve got 21 tshirt orders so far, and will be calling them in at 9pm TODAY eastern standard time! This is so that we have them in time for Championships.

This is the final design (VIEW ONLY):

For those of you asking how to get them if you’re not at Championships, you still order them by making a payment on Paypal, and then make note of it in the comments section, and then I will email you post Championships to arrange for shipping.


If payments are made after 5pm, there is no guarantee that you will have a shirt reserved for yourself at Championships. Your funds will be held in the Paypal account until I make a second order of shirts post Championships (depending on popularity). Otherwise, I will refund you via Paypal. I cannot guarantee that Paypal will refund the full amount you paid though. So by submitting a payment after 5pm, you are agreeing to the terms that you may not get your full $15 back if requesting a refund.


week 7

And here we go for Week 7, with the MAR Championships & FIRST Michigan State Championships! FIRST Dean’s List logistics  information about the Championships will be posted tomorrow as well, so check back!

Week 7:

MAR Championships:
Alexandra Sorge – 102
Steven Donow – 223
Margaret Mary Riling – 433
Elizabeth Skeele – 75

Ryan Hoyt – 2834
Andrew Palardy – 33
Ian Pudney – 862
Matthew Wagner – 1684
Jaris Dingman – 3538
Claire Goolsby – 548

The Dean’s List Quilt Project

So, as a way to bring something of a memento from the Class of 2012, Alexander Ouellet (2011/2012 finalist) has organized an extensive project. If you are a 2012 Dean’s List finalist, check out the Chief Delphi thread link here:


It seems like something really amazing to be a part of, to immortalize who the members of the Class of 2012 really are; the effect all 114 individuals, all unique in their beliefs/morals/actions, to the overall mission and growth of FIRST.

Week 6

Congrats to the Dean’s List finalists from Week 6! We’re coming down the timeline towards Championships 2012; get ready!

Week 6 Regionals:

Queen City Regional:
Ray Frank – 144
Danielle Gehron – 3138

North Carolina Regional:
David Gomez – 3196
Annalise Wenig – 2655

Lone Star Regional:
Elizabeth Waters – 624
Allison Rich – 2881

Spokane Regional:
Brett Menzies – 2865
Sydney Miller – 1983

Central Valley Regional:
Grace Douglass – 3512
Alexander O’Brien – 4135

Las Vegas Regional: 
Geoffrey Angle – 60
Jacob Copus – 585

Keep posted here at itsthedeanslist; we’ll be posting details about the upcoming MAR/MS Championships, and some happenings at the 2012 FIRST World Championships!

Congrats to everyone, and GO FIRST!

– Kyle J.

Weeks 5 & 4

Week 5 Regionals:

SBPLI Long Island Regional:
Emily Stern – 353
Josh Graber- 2638

Oklahoma Regional:
Carolyn Click – 2352
Jon Bolin – 2435

Dallas West Regional:
Garrett Witowski – 2468
Matthew Ricks – 704

Dallas East Regional:
Krista Petty – 3350
Kenyan Burnham – 1817

Greater Toronto West Regional:
Rameesha Qazi – 1241
Sultan Khan – 4367

Minnesota North Star Regional:
Jacob Corway – 3278
Brendan Urke – 3691

Minnesota 10000 Lakes Regional:
Caleb Sykes – 2052
Aaron Redepenning – 3524

South Florida Regional:
Katie Austin – 1902
Jessie Poen – 1557

Washington DC Regional:
Abigail Ackerman – ?
Rishabh Simhal – ?

Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional:
Domenic Bozzuto – 1071
David Powers – 228

Silicon Valley Regional:
Kunal Mehta – 604
Eric Bakan – 254

Week 4 Regionals:

Palmetto Regional:
Mandy Turner – 415
Samuel Bowen – 281

Wisconsin Regional:
Annalyssa Martin – 2062
Corin Rypkema – 706

Seattle Olympic Regional:
Jacob Ebey – 3574
Gizelle Gaudo – 488

Seattle Cascade Regional:
Jonathan Adamson – 2929
Andrew Isola – 360

Arizona Regional:
John Rangel – 842
Destiny Simpson – 2486

Buckeye Regional:
Samantha Santoscon – 2399
Jessica Greer – 677

St. Louis Regional:
Evan Anderson – 1208
Andrew Amburgey – 1094

Boston Regional:
Sean Halloran – 2084
Oliver Graff – 3780

Hawaii Regional:
Ryan Matsumoto –  2348
Michael Nelson –  2460

Waterloo Regional:
Janelle Taylor – 781
Alex Wilcox – 1305

Colorado Regional:
Jasmine Kemble – 2996
Nicholas Pontius – 399

Midwest Regional:
Jessica Endres -111
Olga Ramos -3186


Welcome to “it’s the dean’s list.”, the site for the FRC Dean’s List. It started as a thread on the popular forum site Chief Delphi, and now it’s a website for all to see. As a Dean’s List member myself,  it’s amazing to see the 19 other members from the 2 classes of winners previous (Classes of ’10 & ’11), and see the individual impacts that each of them have made to their own communities and FIRST.

But, it’s not just the 20 that make up the Dean’s List as a group.

There have been 194 deserving students over the past two years that have been designated Dean’s List Finalist members for their participation & service within FRC, FIRST as a whole, and their own teams/schools/communities/states/nations. And each one of them have made and are hopefully continuing making a large impact on our culture and generation. So, let’s see what happens this year!

If you can, just PM me or post on the Chief Delphi thread of the Dean’s List students from your individual regionals, and we’ll keep a running tally on the thread of the students.  Or if you’re an avid fan of Twitter like me, tweet when it happens! You can tweet me directly (@iamlegend360); or tweet the result using the hashtag #itsthedeanslist.

Congrats to the incoming class of 2012, and GO FIRST!

-Kyle J., Member of Peachtree & Championship Classes of 2010

As of Week 3………

Week 1 Regionals:

Greater Kansas City Regional:
Laura Spatz – 1986
Chris Gillespie – 1810

Alamo Regional:
Matthew Blake – 3481
Nathaniel McLauchlan – 2158

Smoky Mountains Regional:
Rhetta Wingert – 2783
Brian Haidet – 451

BAE Granite State Regional:
Amelia Jennings – 1519
Tristan Evarts – 1058

San Diego Regional:
Loren Preciado – 2193
Linda Lam – 812

Israel Regional:
Yarden Saad – 3339
Assaf Saar – 2230

Week 2 Regionals:
Finger Lakes Regional:
Christa Lawniczak – 340
Justin Byers- 1511

WPI Regional:
Brian Nardone – 1100
Alexander Ouellet – 348

Greater Toronto East Regional:
Taylor Nicholson – 1114
Craig Robinson – 1114

Oregon Regional:
Mary Steiner – 1510
Marina Dimitrov – 1540

Lake Superior Regional:
Ben Wiggins – 2846
Abigail Schaefer – 1714

Chesapeake Regional:
Aaron Lantz – 1629
Sagarika Das – 449

Orlando Regional:
Emily Gardner – 3502
Nathaniel Jefferson – 2757

Pittsburgh Regional:
Jaden Barney – 3504
Chase Douglass – 128

Week 3 Regionals:
Festival de Robotique FRC a Montreal Regional:
Simon Barrette – 3990
Joseph Bacchard – 2626

Sacremento Regional:
Emily Kellison-Linn – 1868
Kunal Marwaha – 2073

Los Angeles Regional:
James Carr – 3309
Priyana Hannan – 599

Peachtree Regional:
Carlie Schulter – 1311
Blake Hauser – 2415

Boilermaker Regional:
Mary Catherine Bitter – 1732
Adi Ben-Yehoshua – 1501

Bayou Regional:
Casey Edgerton – 418
Rachel Holladay – 1912

Utah Regional:
Caitlin Vitale-Sullivan – 1569
TJ Houze – 4348

Virginia Regional:
Bob Rodi – ?
Rachel Wilbur – 2363

New York City Regional:
Ikechukwu Chu – 3059
Rohit Sharma – 2579